Symptom-free patients could be sent to hotels to recover

One of the hotels made available in Malaga.
One of the hotels made available in Malaga. / ÑITO SALAS
  • Costa del Sol hoteliers have identified at least 3,000 suitable beds for asymptomatic cases of coronavirus

The ministry for Health is drawing up plans to isolate people carrying coronavirus, including those not showing symptoms, once it improves its testing capacity.

Regional governments have been asked to prepare a list of buildings where asymptomatic cases can be confined.

The use of hotels or sports complexes, referred to as Noah's arks, is planned to be voluntary, for those who cannot stay at home because of the risk of infecting others. However it hasn't been ruled out making it compulsory in some cases.

The Balearic Islands have offered to be a case study for rolling out this end-of-lockdown measure due to its relatively low Covid-19 case rate.

On the Costa del Sol, hoteliers said they could make available at least 3,000 beds. But they stressed that only hotels properly prepared medically could be used.

There was criticism locally that none of the five government-owned Paradors in the province of Malaga had been offered as an option to take patients during the crisis.