Spain passes 100,000-infection mark and sets new record with 864 deaths in a day

A patient is brought into the makeshift hospital at Ifema in Madrid.
A patient is brought into the makeshift hospital at Ifema in Madrid. / EFE
  • Some 9,053 people have now died after being diagnosed with coronavirus, but the overall rise in case numbers is slowing, confirming that Spain reached the peak of infection last week

Spain crossed the 100,000-infection mark on Wednesday, a threshold that has only been crossed by the two countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic: the United States and Italy. The number of those tested positive in Spain reached 102,136, after 7,719 new cases were reported on Wednesday.

This is a daily increase of eight per cent, an almost unparalleled percentage since the virus first arrived in the country.

Nevertheless, this means that one in every 450 Spaniards has tested positive for Covid-19, though the real number of infections is undoubtedly much higher.

The virus has also claimed the lives of 864 people in the last 24 hours, a new record since the crisis began, bringing the death toll to 9,053. For the fifth day in a row, the death toll from the pandemic has exceeded 800. It is also the second consecutive day that the record has been broken.

However, despite another day of tragic figures, the statistics provided by the Ministry of Health confirm that Spain reached the peak of infection last week and that the pandemic, after a few days of apparently contradictory figures, is now beginning to slow down.

The daily percentage increase in deaths between Tuesday and Wednesday was 10 per cent, the smallest increase since the pandemic broke out in Spain. This is a far cry from the 27 per cent daily increase recorded a week ago. Even so, the number of deaths has practically doubled since last Friday.

It must be noted, however, that the pace of deaths takes much longer to slow down as these are people who were infected weeks or even up to a month ago when the epidemic was in full expansion phase.

The fact that the pandemic is now heading towards the control phase is also demonstrated by the volume of daily hospital discharges, which is breaking all records. In just 24 hours a total of 3,388 people have been declared healthy. This is a daily increase of 17 per cent, higher than on previous days, bringing the total number of discharges to 22,647.