Storm Gloria kills 11 as Spain is battered by high winds and waves

Tourists by the waves at La Barceloneta beach, Barcelona.
Tourists by the waves at La Barceloneta beach, Barcelona. / REUTERS
  • There were record-breaking waves in the Mediterranean on the east coast of the country and record rainfall at Barcelona Airport

Storm Gloria brought weather chaos to Spain for much of this week. Records were broken for the height of waves and amount of rainfall in several areas.

Worst hit were eastern areas near the Mediterranean, including the Valencia region, southern Aragón, northern Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

At least 11 people were reported to have died as a result of the storm, most because of accidents in heavy winds or along the shoreline.

A spokesperson for Aemet, the state meteorological office said, "There's been an unprecedented maritime storm and its going to be one of the strongest ever recorded for sure. There have been very significant wave surges."

He went on to explain that off the coast of Valencia the wave height was two metres more than the previous record over several hours. The previous record height was 6.5 metres but earlier this week waves reached 8.45 metres.

Aemet also reported record rainfall in some places. On Tuesday, Barcelona Airport recorded 87.2mm of rain, the highest figure there since 1946 when 60mm fell.

In Tortosa, Tarragona, 137.2mm fell, almost double the previous record from January 1941.