Politics tarnishes Madrid Pride as Cs are booed off the parade route

Inés Arrimadas speaking to the press ahead of Sunday's parade.
Inés Arrimadas speaking to the press ahead of Sunday's parade. / EFE
  • Ciudadanos has reported a possible hate crime and blamed the left-wing parties for stirring up trouble over the party's dealings with Vox

The Pride march in Madrid last Sunday was one of the biggest ever, marking the fiftieth anniversary of New York's Stonewall riots. However, in among the good-natured revelry, a political fight broke out after the delegation marching from Ciudadanos (Cs) was forced to leave the route early after receiving verbal abuse and having objects thrown at them by bystanders.

Elements of the crowd were upset at what they saw as Cs compromising its normally liberal position on LGTBI rights by doing political deals with the far-right Vox party after this spring's string of elections in Spain.

Inés Arrimadas, who headed the Cs section of the parade, accused the acting Interior minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, of "fuelling hate".

The day before the event, the minister, who is openly gay and respected among the LGTBI community, had publicly criticised Cs for "doing shameless and obscene deals with those who want to limit LGTBI rights", in reference to Vox's policies.

Cs felt that both the PSOE and Unidas Podemos had stoked ill-feeling in the crowd against Cs that made them break off early from the celebration with a police escort.

The Partido Popular also condemned the acts "by those who think the street belongs to them" and Vox called for public subsidies to be withdrawn from "the supporters of violence".

On Tuesday, Cs reported the incident to public prosecutors asking them to investigate a possible hate crime.