Six in every ten vehicles on Spanish roads are over ten years old

Cars are getting older bringing extra safety risks.
Cars are getting older bringing extra safety risks. / SUR
  • The automobile sector is worried as new car sales plummeted by 8.3% in June, compared to a year earlier, the worst figure since 2015

The gradual increase in the average age of vehicles on Spanish roads, complete with added safety and pollution risks, is one of the biggest problems facing the automotive sector. In 2018 there were 2.7 per cent more vehicles on Spanish roads than a year earlier but the average age was also higher.

Vehicles more than 10 years old make up 62 per cent of the total while a further 13 per cent are over seven years old, according to a study by Arval Mobility Observatory.

The national traffic control agency, Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), also says there are six million vehicles in Spain that are over 20 years old and the average age of a vehicle is over 12 years.

Sales slump

Also this week, the automobile sector reported its worst June for sales since 2015. In the last ten months, every month except April, has seen a year-on-year decline.

Last year saw a slight rise in carbon dioxide emissions in Spain and the older fleet of vehicles on the road is hindering efforts to reduce levels. In addition older cars have a higher risk of accident.