Marches across Spain mark International Workers' Day

Unions lead a May Day march in Seville.
Unions lead a May Day march in Seville. / EFE
  • The traditional May Day rallies called for a labour law reform to be repealed and salary equality

Large marches took place across Spain on Tuesday to mark the May Day public holiday, traditionally used to campaign for better rights for workers.

The main trade union groups organised some 70 demonstrations across the country for International Workers' Day under the slogan "1 May, the fight continues; rights, equality, cohesion. People first".

Marchers were calling for a labour-law reform enacted under the previous conservative government to be repealed, as they consider it too generous to employers, and were also highlighting the pay gap between the sexes and the need for more stable work contracts.

As usual, there were marches across the Andalucía region, including Seville and Malaga, where thousands took part.