Catalan threat set to torpedo the 2019 national budget

  • The prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, needs the approval of the MPs of other parties to avoid a general election

The prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, will ask his cabinet to approve the delayed 2019 national budget plan in its weekly meeting today, (Friday).

However there is no guarantee that the budget will go ahead, as the next stage will be a vote in Congreso by MPs. As the ruling PSOE party doesn't have a majority, Sánchez, needs the support of other parties.

Left-wing Unidos Podemos has already agreed and the support of Basque nationalist PNV is likely. However it still isn't clear that the Catalan separatist MPs in the national parliament will comply.

On Wednesday, Catalan regional president, Quim Torra, said that if Madrid continued with no change to its position on discussions about a referendum on independence in Catalonia, then Catalan MPs would say no to the national government's budget.

If no budget is agreed, a general election is likely to be called.