PP and Cs move a step nearer to closing deal for Andalucía after agreeing 83 policy proposals

Moreno (PP), on Thursday.
Moreno (PP), on Thursday. / EFE
  • Whether to depend on the votes of far-right Vox to govern in Andalucía is still a sticking point in the coalition pact that would oust the Socialists

The proposed pact between the conservative Partido Popular and centre-right Ciudadanos, with which they aim to unseat the PSOE Socialist party at the helm of the Andalusian government, already included 83 agreed points earlier this week.

Among them were an anti-corruption law, new transparency policies and an Andalusian pact against gender violence.

The Partido Popular (PP), whose regional leader Juanma Moreno hopes to be invested as president of the Junta, regretted on Thursday that the deal with Ciudadanos (Cs) had not been making faster progress.

Juan Marín, the Andalusian leader of Ciudadanos responded, however, on Thursday night by saying that there was an initial agreement but several loose ends needed tidying up.

While the two groups had managed to agree on many proposed policies for a new government, whether or not to rely on the support of far-right newcomers Vox was still a sticking point.

Ciudadanos, whose Andalusian leader Juan Marín has agreed to support Moreno's investiture, giving up his own bid to lead the government, is still reluctant to ask for the votes of the 12 Vox regional MPs.

The centre-right group's preferred scenario is to persuade the PSOE, who won most votes in the 2 December election but has no support to form a government, to abstain when Moreno stands to be elected as leader.

The Partido Popular has not ruled out talks with Vox, although it has not admitted to already holding negotiations. The Vox leader nationally, Santiago Abascal, however, has already announced negotiations with the PP to secure a significant role for his party's representatives in the Seville parliament.

The new Andalusian MPs are due to be officially sworn in next Thursday 27 December. That is when the Mesa del Parlamento, the legal institution that presides over the parliament, formed by a president (or speaker), vice-presidents and secretaries, will have to be established. The make-up of this group is still on the negotiating table.

"Time is running out," said Juanma Moreno this week, adding that he would hold as many meetings as necessary with Cs, even on Christmas Eve.

The PP will still put forward Moreno as candidate for president even without a deal, he said, and leave it up to the parties to decide whether or not they want to put an end to 36 years of Socialist rule.