UK in EU Brexit challenge awaiting High Court decision over appeal

Anti- Brexit protestors demonstrate in front of the houses of parliament.
Anti- Brexit protestors demonstrate in front of the houses of parliament. / Reuters
  • It is now up to the judges to decide whether the campaigners' appeal should be heard despite a British government request for permission to be denied

The UK in EU collective, of which Bremain in Spain is a member, is awaiting the decision of the UK High Court as to whether it will hear its appeal against the UK government's response to the challenge over the alleged illegal spending limits of the Vote Leave campaign during the 2016 EU referendum.

If the decision goes in the collective's favour, UK in EU believes it could technically pave the way for invalidating the result of the referendum.

In a written Summary Grounds of Resistance, which the collective has published on its website (, the government wholeheartedly rejected the claimants' challenge, requesting that "permission to apply for judicial review should be refused" on a number of grounds, including that the "claim is out of time" and that it is "substantively unarguable".

The collective has since responded to the government and has requested that the UK High Court hear the appeal.

"Complete transparency"

Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain and lead claimant in the case against the UK Prime Minister, said, "We took the decision to publish the Summary Grounds of Resistance and our response in order to provide complete transparency about the challenge and the repercussions of the Vote Leave campaign for members of the public."

A response next week

An answer from the High Court is expected some time next week and, should the court decide to go ahead, despite the British government's request that permission be denied, the case will be heard some time in October .