Black week on the Balearics for British in more 'balconying' incidents

File image of 'balconying'.
File image of 'balconying'. / SUR
  • As four die so far this year in Mallorca alone, UK government representatives have met with local officials over the surge in cases

Local authorities on the Balearic Islands are concerned about a surge in deaths and serious injuries to young foreign holidaymakers, mostly British, in falls from balconies.

So far this year four people have died in balcony-related incidents in Mallorca alone while several others have been injured. Many cases involve 'balconying', the habit of holidaymakers in high spirits of leaping from the balconies in their accommodation for pleasure. Police have linked most of the incidents to excessive drinking. But not all cases are 'balconying' for amusement with some others being linked to accidents or other activities.

This Tuesday was a particularly black day on the Balearics. In the evening a 42-year-old British man fell 3.5 metres from a hotel in San Antonio, Ibiza, and was critically injured.

In a second incident on Mallorca on the same night, a 14-year-old British boy was found by his mother clinging to a balcony in Mallorca before he fell and was seriously injured.

Twice in San Antonio

Also on Tuesday and in San Antonio, Ibiza, again, a 21-year-old man died in a fight with another British man of the same age. The alleged killer then fled the scene but was later found at his hotel where he attempted to flee by jumping from his balcony before being arrested.

Of the four that have died on Mallorca so far in incidents relating to falls from balconies, three were staying in the same holiday complex, the Eden Roc in Magaluf, at different times. Deaths include a British man and woman, an Irish citizen and a French citizen. One had left keys inside an apartment and was reportedly trying to get inside on the fifth floor, the other fell from the seventh floor. Another victim fell from the fifth floor of a hotel where they weren't staying and another fell from the sixth-floor apartments and the body wasn't found until the next morning.

Father visits scene

The father of one of the British dead at Eden Roc visited the scene this week and called for more to be done to make the balconies safer.

Authorities in the islands are increasingly worried about the problem and have met with British government officials.