British expats in Spain join London's anti-Brexit march

Around 100,000 people marched in London.
Around 100,000 people marched in London. / EFE
  • Protesters arrived from far and wide to call for a vote on the final outcome of EU negotiations

An estimated 100,000 people took to the streets of London last Sunday, on the second anniversary of the EU referendum, to ask the government for a People's Vote on the final outcome of Brexit negotiations.

Anti-Brexit campaigners travelled from across the UK and even the EU to take part in what has been the biggest march of its kind.

The march started at 12pm in Pall Mall and ended in Parliament Square, where politicians, including Labour's David Lammy and Liberal Democrat leader, Vince Cable, actor, Tony Robinson and anti-Brexit activist, Gina Miller, addressed the crowd.

British expats in Spain were represented at the march by members of the anti-Brexit group Bremain in Spain. Chair Sue Wilson commented, "The sheer numbers that turned up show that we refuse to give up and we're not going to 'get over it'." She added, "Recent polls suggest that even a third of Leave voters now support the need to see the deal before stepping into the abyss. Half of the people polled support a further vote, with only 25% opposed to the idea."

Another march is planned for 20 October.