UK announces new curbs on bogus holiday sickness claims

A British tourist in Benidorm.
A British tourist in Benidorm. / REUTERS
  • Tour operators will now be able to challenge more suspected false claims in court thanks to a cap on defence costs

The UK government has secured a rule change that will fix the legal costs that can be claimed in package holiday sickness claims, closing a loophole which the travel industry believes has helped fuel a rising number of claims.

Up to now, the amount of legal costs that can be claimed by lawyers who are seeking compensation in British courts for clients who allegedly get ill on overseas holidays, including to Spain, have been largely uncapped. UK ministers have felt this was encouraging claims specialists to hunt out cases of food poisoning, some of which have been proven to be fraudulent in recent high-profile court rulings.

From now on defence costs will be fixed and predictable, making it cheaper for tour operators to challenge what they feel are bogus claims.