Madrid regional president in hot water over dodgy-looking university masters degree

Cristina Cifuentes on Thursday.
Cristina Cifuentes on Thursday. / EFE
  • Prosecutors suspect possible falsification of documents in the case of Cristina Cifuentes

The president of the Madrid regional government was fighting for her political life this week after doubts increased over whether she really has completed a master's degree. Cristina Cifuentes, of the PP party, has been the subject of media scrutiny since allegations emerged that she failed to attend all of the degree in Regional Law despite gaining the title at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Cifuentes and the university initially said that there was an error in the degree transcript and Cifuentes produced a certificate from 2012 as evidence. However it has since emerged that signatures on it were false and that it was written last month. Cifuentes has denied wrong doing before the regional parliament.

On Thursday university chiefs reported the incident to prosecutors, claiming there is suspicion of falsification of documents.