Man declared dead in suicide wakes up on the autopsy table in morgue

  • An investigation has been launched after three doctors confirmed that the 29-year-old was deceased

oviedo. An inquiry has been launched in Asturias, northern Spain, after a 29-year-old prisoner, who had been declared dead after apparently committing suicide, woke up naked on the autopsy table in a morgue.

According to the man's family, he had taken an overdose in his cell and two prison doctors had declared him dead. A third doctor confirmed that he was legally deceased.

It was several hours by the time the man started to stir when an autopsy was about to begin. “First he started to snore then he opened his eyes,” reported his family. “When he woke up the first thing he asked for was a cigarette then something to eat,” they added.

The prison service has said the doctors had all acted correctly but has promised to investigate.