Colourful coin to mark King's 50th birthday

Colourful coin to mark King's 50th birthday
  • The Spanish mint will issue a silver 30-euro commemorative coin early next year with the royal coat of arms in different colours

The Spanish mint (La Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre) has announced that it will issue a special commemorative coin to mark King Felipe VI's fiftieth birthday in 2018.

The monarch celebrates his milestone birthday on 30 January next year and this silver coin will be particularly memorable as on one side the royal coat of arms will be in full colour.

The coin, made of a copper and silver mix and measuring 33 millimetres across, is due to be issued “in the first quarter of 2018”, although no firm date has been set and it is possible that it will appear on sale after the actual birthday of the king.

The coin, which is designed for collectors and not to be used on the street, is expected to be in high demand because of the unique coloured shield. Initially the mint has said it will make a million of them in batches, according to demand, but this figure could increase or decrease.

The image of the King is the same one that was used for a commemorative coin to mark his coronation in 2014, but this time the collar of a military uniform has been removed. The edge of the coin design on both sides is bordered by a string of pearls.