Unemployment in Malaga has increased after the summer

  • Since August the province has lost nearly 19,000 jobs, of which 17,000 were in the hotel and restaurant sector

The Costa del Sol and Malaga province is still paying the price of seasonal tourism. For the fourth consecutive month, unemployment rose in November, and the increase was particularly high. In fact Malaga, after the Balearics, was the second Spanish province in terms of rising unemployment and loss of jobs.

The month ended with 4,566 more people unemployed, bringing the total to 158,330. It is the biggest increase in November since 2012 and contrasts with the general trend in Andalucía, because in the region as a whole unemployment dropped by 3,114.

The services sector has mainly borne the brunt of the increase since the summer. Numerous jobs ended in the hotel, restaurant and commercial industries when the peak tourist season ended on the Costa del Sol. In November, there were 5,190 more unemployed in this sector in Malaga province. Industry was also affected, although to a lesser extent, with 51 more people out of work, but unemployment reduced in construction (-446), agriculture (-8) and those who have never worked before (-221).

Social Security affiliation also suffered a notable reduction in November. Malaga lost 9,683 registered workers, (-1.64%), compared with the previous month.

This was the second worst provincial figure after the Balearics, where 78,975 jobs ended.

Again, there was a contrast with the region of Andalucía as a whole, where 11,786 people registered with Social Security in November, especially in Almeria and Seville, where five thousand more people registered in each.