Ex-president of the Madrid region let out of jail on 400,000-euro bail

González on leaving prison.
González on leaving prison. / EFE
  • Ignacio González has spent seven months behind bars while a major corruption investigation continues involving possible diversion of public funds

madrid. The former president of the regional government of the Comunidad de Madrid was freed on bail this week after spending seven months in prison without bail.

Investigating judges had originally said that there was a high risk of González fleeing or destroying evidence in the ongoing inquiry into the so-called Lezo corruption case.

The case centres on the supposed syphoning off of millions of public funds from the region's water company by buying over-inflated overseas assets in Latin America.

Now judges have decided that as the investigation is sufficiently advanced, there is no risk in González being free while it continues. Eleven people have contributed towards the 400,000-euro bail. Prosecutors say they believe González may still have hidden foreign bank accounts.