Catalonian government chiefs face criminal investigation for calling independence referendum

Carles Puigdemont on Friday.
Carles Puigdemont on Friday. / EFE
  • The controversial referendum law that paved the way for the 1 October independence vote has been overturned by the Constitutional court

  • The high court of Catalonia has opened an inquiry into alleged crimes of disobedience, corrupt practice and embezzlement

After the Catalonian government approved the referendum law and started preparations for the independence vote on 1 October, numerous legal and judicial processes have been initiated to prevent the move.

On Friday the Catalonia high court (TSJC) accepted two cases brought by the public prosection service against the 14 members of the regional government and the five leaders of the Catalonian Parliament for allowing the controversial referendum law to go through.

The court believes that there is enough evidence to launch an inquiry into possible crimes of disobedience, corrupt practice and embezzlement on the part of regional president Carles Puigdemont and his government.

After complaints filed by the central government in Madrid the law was overturned by the Constitutional court on Thursday and the referendum suspended.

Meanwhile Puigdemont has said that he would go "as far as it takes" to go ahead with with the referendum and said that every attempt to "boycott" the referendum gave him ten more voters.