DNA results prove that Salvador Dalí was not the father of Pilar Abel

Pilar Abel.
Pilar Abel. / SUR
  • Salvador Dalí's body was exhumed because a woman claimed that she was his daughter, but DNA results have proved her wrong

Pilar Abel, who claimed that she was the daughter of the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, now knows that he was not her father.

In June of this year, a judge ordered the exhumation of Dalí’s body in order to determine whether he was the biological father of Pilar. On Wednesday the Gala-Salvador-Dalí Foundation released a statement confirming the outcome of the DNA analysis carried out by National Toxicology Association; Dalí was not Pilar’s father.

Representatives of the Dalí Foundation celebrated the news, the outcome of which would leave Dalí’s works and fortune untouched.

DNA results prove that Salvador Dalí was not the father of Pilar Abel

The foundation, which seeks to protect the painter’s legacy, took the opportunity to criticise once again the court order that permitted the exhumation, which it fought against throughout the legal process.

In a statement, the foundation named the exhumation “inappropriate” and criticised the costs and damage to which it gave rise.

Astonishingly, Salvador Dalí’s famous moustache was found still sitting proudly upon his face, almost 30 years after his death. The moustache was preserved due to his body being embalmed before his burial.