Pep Guardiola’s sister becomes Catalonian 'ambassador' in Denmark

Puigdemont (r) and Francesca Guardiola (l) in Copenhagen.
Puigdemont (r) and Francesca Guardiola (l) in Copenhagen. / EFE
  • An unofficial 'embassy' was opened in Copenhagen as plans for illegal referendum hot up

As moves by Catalonia’s regional government to hold an illegal independence referendum on 1 October started to hot up this week after the summer break, regional president Carles Puigdemont was in Copenhagen opening an unofficial embassy.

This is one of 12 offices Catalonia now has internationally, a key part of its strategy to gain credibility for a break from Spain. The delegation will be headed by Francesca Guardiola, sister of Pep, the Manchester City manager. No member of the Danish government attended the opening.

The national government has said that it will stop the 1 October vote and the situation is expected to come to a head in the first half of September when regional politicians move to formally approve a referendum.