Pedro Antonio Sánchez.
Pedro Antonio Sánchez. / EFE

PP stands firmly by Murcia regional president over ongoing corruption allegations

  • Pedro Antonio Sánchez has been president of the regional government since 2015

The national leadership of the Partido Popular (PP) is continuing to stand firm behind its man in Murcia, Pedro Antonio Sánchez, who has been president of the regional government since 2015.

Sánchez is under formal investigation over his role in awarding contracts for a new auditorium in the town of Puerto Lumbreras when he was mayor. The six-million-euro project was never finished.

Following his appearance before investigating judges earlier this month, Sánchez was asked by opposition parties to stand down as regional president. However, he refused and was recently overwhelmingly reelected as local PP leader.

The local PSOE and Podemos parties are asking Ciudadanos (C's) to support a no-confidence vote next week. However, they will only do so if elections are called.