Spain's Real Academia criticises Trump's decision to wipe all Spanish from the White House website

The White House website - now only in English.
The White House website - now only in English. / SUR
  • The director of the RAE, the institution that oversees the use of Spanish language, has described the move as "negative" and an "important step backwards"

The director of the Real Academia Española (RAE), Darío Villanueva, has described the disappearance of the Spanish language from the White House website as "negative", "very significant" and an "important step backwards". Nevertheless despite Donald Trump's decision, Villanueva stated that the presence of the Spanish language in the United States is "unstoppable".

Villanueva pointed out that there are more than 37 million active Spanish-speakers in the United States.

He said that this week's decision was reminiscent of the 'English only' debate in the late nineties.

"The Constitution of the United States does not declare any one language as official and back then [in the late nineties] there was a movement by some States that wanted English and Spanish to be the official language against others that wanted only English. That created a wound and caused great controversy," he said.