Brit arrested in Estepona accused of hacking 130 Twitter accounts, including those of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Gates

The message that appeared on Barack Obama's Twitter account when it was hacked.
The message that appeared on Barack Obama's Twitter account when it was hacked. / SUR
  • The 22-year-old man was detained on the Costa del Sol under an international arrest warrant following an investigation involving the FBI, police in the UK and Spain's National Police

A 22-year-old British man has been arrested in Estepona, accused of hacking into 130 Twitter accounts of politicians, celebrities and companies in order to scam people.

Wanted by the American authorities under an international warrant the man was arrested by Spain’s National Police force this Tuesday (20 July), following investigations initiated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and with the collaboration of authorities in the UK.

The investigations began in July of last year after the Twitter accounts of numerous public figures such as the former US president Barack Obama, the current president Joe Biden, and the billionaire entrepreneurs Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, were victims of the cyberattack, as well as companies such as Apple and Uber.

From the hacked profiles the scammer posted a message directing millions of followers to a scam, offering to double the money that users sent in Bitcoins to a virtual cryptocurrency wallet.

US authorities also believe the arrested individual could also be behind an attack on TikTok and Snapchat users.

The list of charges against the young British man is long, including unauthorised access to numerous computers and extortion.