More than 20 arrested on the south coast of Spain as prostitution network is smashed


A police raid on one of the premises. / CNP

  • The gang posted bogus job offers on the internet to lure their victims from Eastern Europe to Andalucía

A prostitution gang offering bogus jobs, through a recruitment company on the internet, to attract young women from Eastern European countries to the south coast of Spain has been dismantled by the National Police force.

Instead of the advertised dream jobs, the women were forced into prostitution according to officers who investigated the alleged criminal network for some two years.

As a result of the latest investigations, police arrested 22 people (five in Marbella, the rest in Almeria), closed seven establishments and freed two women. The alleged leader of the gang was among those arrested during Operation Manager.

The investigation was sparked in 2019 after police discovered a human trafficking network in Motril, which resulted in six people being arrested and five victims freed at the time.

In the latest development National Police officers managed to uncover the network that controlled the brothels and hostess clubs in Almería province and in Marbella and had agreements with recruitment agencies.

The women were, allegedly, subjected to strict control by the managers of the premises: they had to be available 24 hours a day with only two hours free to go out and they had to hand over fifty per cent of their earnings to the gang.

Police believe that the network has been active for more than ten years and the organisation's leader used multiple companies in order to conceal the true ownership of the clubs and brothels, where drugs were also made available to clients.

In the latest action police raided four brothels, three hostess clubs and two homes in Almeria province and Marbella on the Costa del Sol and the 22 people arrested face charges of belonging to a criminal organisation, human trafficking related to prostitution, crimes against the rights of workers and public health.

Some 26,941 euros in cash, 19 cheques worth 53,000 euros, 35 packages of cocaine, 176 pills for erectile dysfunction and documents have been seized.