Video | Car smashes through AP-7 toll booth barrier after a high-speed chase on the Costa del Sol


One of the stolen vehicles that was involved in the high-speed chase. / SUR

  • The drivers of three high-end, stolen SUVs were all stopped on the motorway heading towards Algeciras

National Police officers in Estepona have arrested the drivers of three high-end vehicles that had been stolen in Madrid after one was involved in a high-speed chase and crashed through a toll booth barrier.

The events took place on 9 April on the AP-7 motorway, heading in the direction of Algeciras, when officers spotted a high-end SUV that made a sudden manoeuvre in the middle of the carriageway. When they consulted the police database, the vehicle was flagged as stolen in the town of Alcobendas (Madrid).

Police officers also identified two other vehicles travelling on the AP-7 in the same direction that were also stolen.

During a chase, the SUV exceeded 200 km/h and smashed through a police control at the Manilva toll booth and the chase continued for another 30 kilometres, until it lost control and hit a lorry. The driver tried to escape on foot, although police caught him and arrested him.

Meanwhile, at the AP-7 tollbooth the second of the stolen vehicles was stopped by the police and the driver didn’t put up any resistance to his arrest. Finally, the last vehicle was stopped at kilometre 138, and its driver was also detained.

Police investigations found the three vehicles had been stolen in the space of one week in different municipalities of Madrid. The criminal network specialised in the theft of high-end vehicles, generally on request, to supply drug trafficking gangs.