No change to Covid restrictions in Andalucía, committee of experts decides

No change to Covid restrictions in Andalucía, committee of experts decides
  • Following a meeting the Junta announced that the curfew will stay at 11pm and travel between provinces remains banned from this Friday

Measures aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19 in Andalucía will not change this Friday 9 April, the regional authority announced on Wednesday.

The decision not to alter the current restrictions in force until Friday was confirmed at a meeting with the committee of experts who advise the Junta de Andalucía on its pandemic-related policies. The restrictions are expected to be reviewed again before 23 April, when the new period is due to end.

Regional Health Minister Jesús Aguirre said that according to the experts' assessment of the current situation and "considering the slight upward trend in the infection rate, it has been decided not to modify the vast majority of the measures adopted 15 days ago."

The experts have taken into account the rate of vaccination of the 65 to 79s, the age group of the majority of patients currently being treated for Covid, which is not going as fast as desired.

The authority will therefore keep the ban on travel in and out of the region of Andalucía and on travel between the eight Andalusian provinces.

The night curfew remains at 11pm to 6am and gatherings are limited to six people outdoors and four inside bars and restaurants.

The same restrictions on movement will also apply if the case rate of each city, town or village reaches certain limits: when there are more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over 14 days, non-essential travel across the municipal boundary will be banned; and when the figure rises above 1,000, all non-essential businesses in that municipality must close.

In villages with fewer than 1,500 inhabitants, a specific risk assessment will be carried out by the corresponding provincial health committee when the rates reach those levels.

The committee did, however, propose some small changes: among them the closing time for non-essential businesses will be at 8pm in towns that are at risk level 4 grade 1 (before it was 6pm).

Another modification aplies to the celebration of receptions after weddings or other ceremonies. Events held in restaurants or at other venues with catering services will be subject to the same measures as those held in special function establishments (salones de celebraciones).