Thieves return to a Marbella house to demand a ransom for items they had stolen

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File photograph. / SUR
  • A few hours after the theft of electronic goods from a property, the alleged thieves returned to demand money from the residents for the return of the devices

The National Police in Marbella have arrested two youths, aged 18 and 19, one Spanish and the other Dominican, on suspicion of stealing goods from a home and then demanding money from the owners to return the items.

The pair allegedly entered the house with a false key while the residents were not at home. But when the owners returned, from the outside they spotted the lights were on and saw people moving around inside.

The owners called the police and when officers arrived they entered the property with the owners – but found no sign of the thieves.

The residents confirmed that several electronic devices were missing and the police left after informing them how to file a complaint.

However, a few hours later, the theft victims called the police again when the two youths showed up at the house demanding money in exchange for the stolen items.

When the police arrived one was still inside the house, while the second fled over adjoining rooftops but the police detained him in a neighbouring street. When he was arrested he was carrying one of the stolen electronic devices.

The pair have been charged with robbery with force offences.