Malaga firm Uptodown teams up with Unity to revolutionise mobile games market

Co-founders Domínguez and Hernández.
Co-founders Domínguez and Hernández. / SUR
  • The backing of the principal videogame development platform consolidates this local firm as an alternative to Google Play

The booming mobile games market was rocked this week by news with a worldwide impact: the alliance between Unity, the biggest mobile videogame development platform, and the Malaga company Uptodown, to facilitate the publication of Android games in its downloads platform, thereby consolidating it as the principal independent alternative to Google Play.

There is an important aspect to this agreement: the possibility of making in-app purchases, (those made inside an application, for example when a player pays to obtain extra lives), outside the Google market, which until now has practically monopolised this type of transaction on Android.

The players will not have to register or install the Uptodown app. "They won't even have to leave the game, because the payment method is integrated inside with web technology," said Luis Hernández, the co-founder and CEO of Uptodown.

There are also advantages for games developers, as this presents a new opportunity to publish their games and a new way of channeling payments. Uptodown will increase the visibility of games in influential countries such as Brazil, Mexico, the Middle East, Indonesia, Russia and India.

It is available in 15 languages, and once registered on the Unity Distribution Portal, the developers can select Uptodown App Store to distribute their software easily and in an automated way in this marketplace, said a statement .