Police arrest a man in Malaga wanted for attacking his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend


Police take the 26-year-old man into custody. / POLICÍA NACIONAL

  • In 2020 the 26-year-old was sentenced to 27 days of community work for slapping another girlfriend on the face and forcing a lighter into her mouth

The National Police have arrested the 26-year-old man that they had been searching for since last Saturday, when he allegedly brutally attacked his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend in Malaga city.

The manhunt began last Saturday, after the 26-year-old man allegedly attacked his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend. The mother of the teenager explained that the day before her daughter had broken off the four-month relationship they had, something that she said he did not accept.

According to her account, the pair met in the La Pelusa neighbourhood where he began to insult and threaten her. Allegedly he took her mobile phone and left for the Virginia Beach area, while she followed him to get it back. At a small tunnel that runs under the N-340 the mother of the young woman claims that he kicked and punched her daughter, and bit her on the nose.

After that he allegedly left her badly injured and in a ditch until a man found her and took her to the headquarters of the Local Police of El Palo. The young woman was transferred to the Regional Hospital, where she was admitted for 24 hours, until she was discharged on Sunday night.

On Wednesday in court the man accepted having carried out the attack, but also explained that he had been consuming alcohol and was on anxiety medication. He has been jailed without bail.

Repeat offender

National Police sources say the 26-year-old’s record includes two other previous arrests for gender violence, as well as a restraining order with respect to another ex-partner, which is in force for a sentence imposed at the end of June.

The events that led him to be arrested, and later sentenced, occurred just a year ago. On 1 March, 2020, the man was at home with a previous girlfriend, also a teenager. They had an argument, during which he attacked her by slapping her on the face and forcing a lighter into her mouth.

He was sentenced to 27 days of community work community, and had a two-year restraining order imposed and also ordered to compensate the victim.