Malaga municipalities to discover on Thursday if businesses can stay open until 9.30pm

Malaga municipalities to discover later today if businesses can stay open until 9.30pm
  • The Junta will allow extended operating hours in towns at Covid-19 risk level 2 or below, but with nowhere in Malaga province currently at the required level, business owners eagerly await Thursday's updated figures

  • Other new measures announced on Wednesday include an increase in the number of people permitted in social gatherings from four to six, but restrictions on mobility between provinces remain in place

The Junta de Andalucía has announced some changes to its general measures to curb the spread of coronavirus after a meeting with its committee of experts advising on Covid-19 issues this Wednesday, 3 March.

The number of people permitted at social gatherings has been increased from four to six, in private homes and outside bars and restaurants.

There are also changes to opening hours that affect municipalities only when they are in Covid-19 risk level 2. These include extending the opening hours of non-essential businesses until 9.30pm (the current closing time is 6pm).

The regional government, however, has decided to maintain the majority of its current restrictions in an attempt to prevent a fourth wave of the disease.

The land border of the region of Andalucía will remain closed – except for justified journeys - and travel will still be banned between the provinces within Andalucía.

As until now, municipal borders must close when the incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants over 14 days rises above 500.

Non-essential business have to close completely if the rate rises above 1,000.

The night curfew remains at 10pm to 6am throughout Andalucía.

In towns where the Covid-19 infection risk level is 2 or below, commercial acitivity including hospitality businesses can open until 9.30pm. The sale of alcohol in shops will also be permitted until that time at this risk level.

At present none of the municipalities in Malaga province is in level 2, most of them being in 3 or 4.

The risk levels will be reviewed, tomorrow, Thursday, and from then on weekly. Restrictions will change as municipalities move from one level to another.