Andalucía's Covid-19 incidence rate drops to 143 - the lowest in 2021

Emeregency ambulance. File photograph
Emeregency ambulance. File photograph / SALVADOR SALAS
  • 69 deaths and 474 new cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the last 24-hour period

The Andalusian region has added 474 new cases of coronavirus this Wednesday, 3 March, more than the 359 of the day before - which was the lowest figure since August - but lower than the 1,311 of last Wednesday, according to official data.

The region's Institute of Statistics and Cartography has also recorded 69 deaths, a figure higher than the 24 deaths on Tuesday and lower than 93 seven days ago.

The cumulative incidence rate of the region has dropped to 143 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, which is 18.3 points lower than the rate of 161.3 the day before and stands at 92.11 below the rate of 235.11 from last Wednesday. The incidence rate in the region has not been so low since 31 December, 2020, when it stood at 140.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The 474 new cases of Covid-19 are somewhat higher than the 359 of the day before, but they are less than half of the 1,311 of last Wednesday. In between, 610 were added on Monday, 940 on Sunday, 1,097 on Saturday, 1,197 on Friday and 1,256 on Thursday.

The 69 deaths are higher than the 24 on Tuesday, but lower than 93 seven days ago. In between, twelve were added on Monday, Sunday (13), Saturday (38), Friday (33) and Thursday (58).

Malaga province has registered the most deaths with 18, followed by Seville and Almeria with ten each, Cadiz with nine, Cordoba with seven, Huelva with six, Granada with five and Jaén with four.

Andalucía has seen the first increase in patients in hospital with the coronavirus after seven consecutive days with a drop. The figure stands at 1,717, two more than on Tuesday and 491 fewer than a week ago. Of those 410 are in an intensive care unit, five fewer than the day before and 128 down on seven days ago.