Selfies reveal the location of a secret coronavirus rule-flouting party in Malaga province

Two of the images that were uploaded to Instagram that led police to the location.
Two of the images that were uploaded to Instagram that led police to the location. / SUR
  • Police officers traced the event after images, some showing La Viñuela reservoir in the background, were posted on social media and nine people have now been reported for breaking virus containment regulations

It wasn’t an easy task as the police only had a few selfies captured in what appeared to be the basement of a house and several with an area of water in the background to go on.

But a unit of the Local Police of Malaga whose task is to track social networks to ensure compliance with Covid-19 measures, soon identified the location of an alleged clandestine party in the south of Spain.

The officers had discovered four different social media profiles from which images of the same party had been published. One of them was of a young girl who took a selfie with several friends, although in the background you could see rotating lights, music, a bar and none of the people who appeared in the images wore a mask or respected social distancing measures.

The Local Police also found the profiles of another girl and two other boys who published images in which numerous people were seen dancing and singing, as well as using a hookah. There was also an image taken outside the property with a area of water in the background.

The water was soon identified to be La Viñuela reservoir and everything seemed to indicate that the rule-flouting party had been held in a nearby town. With the help of the Periana Local Police, the officers managed to locate the basement of the house where the secret event was held.

When the owner was contacted he explained to the police that the house was rented out to a third party for a period of eleven months.

As a result of the police investigation nine people have been reported for breaching some of the Junta de Andalucía restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus pandemic.