Police arrest a man in Estepona with cocaine and a handgun in the car

The weapon and the drugs that were seized.
The weapon and the drugs that were seized. / POLICÍA NACIONAL
  • The man tried to flee on foot and officers who eventually arrested him were injured in the process

The National Police have arrested a man in Estepona who was carrying cocaine and a firearm in his car.

The events unfolded during a police control point near the A-7, as it passes through the El Velerín district of the Malaga town.

Officers stopped the vehicle and, after identifying the driver and inspecting the interior of the car, found four vacuum-packed packages containing more than four kilogrammes of cocaine. In addition, they found three pieces of rock cocaine weighing 7.2 grammes and a semi-automatic Glock 28 pistol with ammunition.

During the incident the driver of the vehicle, a 38-year-old man of Moroccan nationality, allegedly tried to avoid his arrest "by showing great physical resistance", and injuring the officers according to the police.

Traffic had to be stopped as he tried to flee on foot before being finally arrested for his alleged crimes against public health and another for the illegal possession of weapons.

In addition to the seized drugs and the firearm, four mobile phones, 2,820 euros and a vehicle were seized.

The arrested man is now awaiting a court appearance.