Andalucía Day survey. Ninety per cent say they are proud to be Andalusian

Andalucía Day survey. Ninety per cent say they are proud to be Andalusian
  • A study carried out ahead of the region's 28 February holiday revealed strong regional sentiment, although most identify equally with Andalusian and Spanish symbols

Ahead of Andalucía Day, 28 February, a study by the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) commissioned by the regional government has revealed very high levels of Andalusian sentiment and support for autonomy among the region’s population. Some 90% of respondents said they were proud to be Andalusian and of their accent, and that they identified with regional symbols of identity such as the flag.

The study considered questions relating to Andalusian identity, feelings of belonging and opinions on the level of autonomy that the region currently has.

The report also compared these findings to sentiments of Spanish national identity and respondents’ association with Spanish symbols.

Andalusian and Spanish pride

One of the main findings was the deeply-embedded sense of pride in being Andalusian, with 90.4% of respondents declaring themselves to be “quite proud or very proud” of their regional identity. A total of 87.6% gave the same response regarding Spanish identity.

Moreover, on a scale of 0 to 10 from “not at all Andalusian” to “very Andalusian”, the average response was 8.5. Clearly, this identity is compatible with feelings of ‘Spanishness’ because the average response was 8.9/10 on the same scale regarding this identity. Indeed, 77% of people indicated that they feel “equally Andalusian and Spanish”.

Green and white flag

Similarly, 89.6% of those who took part “identify with or strongly identify with” the Andalusian flag, just a fraction higher than the 89.4% who said they identified with the Spanish flag. Moreover, 86.8% of people did not associate the Andalusian flag with a particular political ideology or party, instead seeing it as a non-partisan symbol of regional identity and belonging.

On top of this, 80.4% said they identified with the Andalusian regional anthem, similar to the 83.9% who signalled a level of identification with the Spanish national anthem. However, less than half of people (41.2%) declared that they identified with the European Union’s anthem.

Level of government autonomy

Regarding the constitutional status of the region, only 5.3% of respondents felt that Andalusia currently has too much autonomy. On the other hand, 59.5% believed that the level of regional independence is sufficient, while 31.4% want more autonomy for Andalusia.

On the subject of the Andalusian accent, 91.1% of those surveyed noted it was a part of their identity. Furthermore, 38.6% expressed a degree of anger at the criticism that the accent receives, while 12.5% actually saw the attention it receives as a source of pride.

Additionally, 30.4% expressed indifference at the negative attention.

The study was carried out between 8 and 11 February this year and surveyed a total of 800 adults living in Andalucía.