Drug lord arrested after a daring rooftop escape attempt in Marbella


The man was eventually arrested by police and taken into custody. / SUR

  • From his luxury residence on a Costa del Sol residential development, the man led what is considered to be the most active drug trafficking organisation in north-western France

Police in Spain and France have joined forces to bring down a drug lord on the Costa del Sol who is believed to be behind the most active drug trafficking network in north-western France.

He was captured in the south of Spain despite a daring attempt to escape across the rooftops of a luxury residential development in Marbella during Operation 'Morbier' which was coordinated by Europol and involved Spain’s Guardia Civil and the French Gendarmerie.

Drug lord arrested after a daring rooftop escape attempt in Marbella

Recovered items from the raids.


The investigation started at the beginning of last year when French police discovered the existence of the network dedicated to introducing large amounts of hashish from Morocco through Spain.

Guardia Civil surveillance on the Costa del Sol led officers to an address where the alleged gang leader was staying during his trips - a luxury penthouse in the Oasis de Marbella luxury residential estate.

At the end of January, a coordinated operation was carried out between the authorities of the two countries to dismantle the gang. The leader of the organisation was in Spain at the time, and a Guardia Civil operation involving an elite team from the Rapid Action Group were deployed to the luxury development in Marbella.

Despite trying to flee across the rooftops the alleged drug lord was captured by the Spanish police and handed over to their French colleagues.

As a result of police raids in both countries six people of a French nationality were arrested, 590 kilogrammes of hashish resin packed in bales, a firearm, five vehicles (two reported as stolen) and 24,000 euros in cash were recovered.