Two men arrested for hanging a dog in Almogía and throwing the body off a cliff

Image of the incident released by the Guardia Civil.
Image of the incident released by the Guardia Civil. / SUR
  • The pair told the Guardia Civil that the animal was no longer useful for hunting

Two men have been arrested on animal abuse charges after they were spotted hanging a dog in an olive tree in El Madroño, Almogía.

The pair ran away after the man reproached them for killing the animal but he reported the incident to the Guardia Civil.

The shocking events happened on 9 February and when officers from the Seprona nature protection branch of the Guardia Civil arrived at the scene of the alleged hanging they couldn’t find the body of the 18-month-old dog.

However, thanks to information from the witness, officers learned that one of the suspects could be a resident of Villanueva de la Concepción. They found him some three hours later at the wheel of an off-road vehicle "driving erratically, occasionally invading the lane in the opposite direction and with symptoms of being under the influence of alcoholic drink," according to the Guardia Civil in a statement. The result of a breathalyser test was positive. Police said he was arrested after "refusing to identify himself, being threatening and disobeying the officers".

The next day a further search was carried out at the scene of the alleged hanging and eventually the dead animal was finally located. The officers verified that it had been hanged with a rope and that, once dead, it was thrown over a cliff that was difficult to access. The animal, which had a microchip implanted, belonged to the arrested man.

The second person the witness saw, a resident of Almogía, was arrested after admitting the crime to the officers, justifying their action by saying that the dog was not suitable for hunting.

The arrested pair have been accused of animal cruelty resulting in death and one is also charged with serious disobedience, threatening behaviour, resisting arrest and road safety offences.