Video | Firefighters' two-hour rescue for a dog with its head stuck between rocks


The dog is safely rescued. / SUR

  • In a delicate operation the emergency services saved the life of the trapped animal near the Guadalhorce sewage treatment plant

It was a delicate two-hour operation involving stone chisels, hydraulic hammers a lot of patience but firefighters in Malaga have saved the life of dog that had got its head stuck between rocks.

The alarm was raised at 1.40pm this Monday (22 February) when an individual called the 112 emergency telephone to report that he had seen a dog trapped by the head between two large stones. It was located next to the Guadalhorce river, near the water treatment plant that serves Pizarra, Álora and Coín.

Firefighters, Civil Protection volunteers and Local Police were notified and then began the delicate two-hour rescue.

The firefighters had to proceed with great caution, knowing that any false move could take its toll on the animal.

However, the dog was rescued successfully and without suffering injury, apart from the stress from the situation it found itself in.