Two arrested after police chase on the Costa del Sol


Two men were arrested by the police. / SUR

  • National Police officers managed to catch up with the robbery suspects, who were fleeing on a motorcycle in Fuengirola

Residents of Fuengirola who were walking alongside the river this Monday (22 February) were shocked when a motorcycle passed at full speed heading in the direction of the beach.

The motorbike was being chased by National Police officers, who managed to catch up with it, before arresting two individuals following a spectacular pursuit.

The police started searching for the two men after they reportedly tried to rob a local supermarket at gunpoint. This has been confirmed by sources speaking to SUR, who suggested that the weapon used was fake and confirmed that the suspects fled on a motorcycle.

Shortly afterwards, another robbery was reported when a woman's purse was snatched. The description of thieves matched the pair in the previous robbery attempt on the store.

National Police officers located them and the chase, which ran along the Fuengirola riverside, began. The suspects were heading along the bike path heading in the direction of the beach, when the driver lost control of the motorcycle and got stuck in the sand.

A police team that was closely following them arrested the pillion passenger while the driver attempted to flee on foot. However, he did not get very far and was arrested by the officers.