Malaga man who previously had licence revoked caught uploading more reckless driving clips

On the left, a moment from the filming of the music video. On the right, the offence for which he was arrested in September 2019.
On the left, a moment from the filming of the music video. On the right, the offence for which he was arrested in September 2019. / SUR
  • In his latest social media posts he also claimed that he had run over a pedestrian while riding a motorcycle during the filming of a music video

It is not the first time that his name has appeared in a police report. In September 2019, he was reported for driving recklessly and for recording himself insulting police officers, actions that he published on his Instagram account.

As a result of one of those videos, he lost his driving licence but, apparently, that has not stopped him from continuing his antics.

Malaga’s Local Police force have caught him again thanks to images that were uploaded to social networks, this time on a motorcycle and still without a licence, near the fairground.

It is claimed the 23-year-old was riding an off-road motorbike with a group of people around the streets of an industrial estate.

His latest reckless actions were allegedly carried out during the filming of a music video and, SUR has learned, that several Covid-19 prevention measures could also have been breached.

In addition to the reckless driving that is seen in several Instagram posts, the accused young man explained to his followers in a later video that he had had an accident after hitting a pedestrian.

The evidence was gathered by the accident investigation team of the Local Police and the young man now faces more road safety charges.

On this occasion he was not arrested since he appeared at the police station accompanied by his lawyer.

In September 2019 the young man had been arrested on suspicion of two road safety crimes - one for driving a motor vehicle with recklessness and another other for doing so with excess speed - and a third crime which was based on a series of videos located by the investigators, in which he insulted officers from different police forces on public roads.

In total, the investigators collected 27 videos or 'stories' (publications that only remain on the social networks for 24 hours). Nineteen of them were related to crimes against road safety, in which the individual was observed driving two passenger cars - a Fiat Stilo and a Mercedes C220CDI - and a Yamaha SC 50 motorbike. The remaining eight showed the insults and harassment of the police officers.