Video | One-hundred-car Covid cavalcade demands help for the self-employed in Ronda


The protest arrives at the council offices. / VANESSA MELGAR

  • Protesters have called for assistance from the town's mayor saying, 'we have been closed for a month and we cannot take it anymore'

Dozens of self-employed 'autónomo' workers who are suffering from the effects of coronavirus restrictions on non-essential businesses in Ronda have taken to their vehicles and honked their horns in a noisy protest in the town this Wednesday (17 February).

In the authorised demonstration, they wound their way around the town’s streets before ending up outside the council offices

They called on the mayor for help carrying slogans such “I am self-employed, hear my roar” and shouting “Mari Paz listen, we are struggling", referring to the mayor, María de la Paz Fernández. “We want to work" and "We do not deserve the ruin we have,” they protested.

Lourdes Vargas, a representative of the group, has criticised the forced closure of non-essential businesses - including hospitality and beauty - in the town after it exceeded the 1,000 cumulative incidence rate for the virus. She said, "We are not essential for them but we are for our families," adding, "We have been closed for a month and we can't take it anymore."