Police eject a hundred Covid rule flouters from a Marbella bar

Local Police in Marbella. File photograph.
Local Police in Marbella. File photograph. / SUR
  • The establishment, which was closed by the Local Police, exceeded its capacity and many of the customers were not wearing face masks

Many Costa del Sol towns, that have dropped below the 1,000 incidence rate for coronavirus infections, reopened their hospitality businesses at the weekend. In response, the police - including plain clothes officers - have stepped up their patrols to make sure that Junta’s virus containment measures are being complied with.

In Marbella Local Police officers found one bar, in the Nueva Andalucía area, which had a hundred people inside - exceeding its allowed capacity. They also found people not wearing masks nor respecting social distancing measures.

Sources said that the bar owner was reported and the premises were evicted and provisionally closed.

Many of the police actions are the result of tip-offs from the public who call 091 to report possible breaches of the regulations.