A 34-year-old stabbing victim dies after a fight in Mijas

Guardia Civil arrested one person at the scene. File photograph.
Guardia Civil arrested one person at the scene. File photograph. / SUR
  • Guardia Civil officers have arrested one person in relation to the incident

A 34-year-old man has died after allegedly being stabbed during a brawl involving a "large group of people" with "several bladed weapons" near some social housing in calle Molino de Viento, Mijas in the early hours of Friday morning.

Witnesses at the scene called the 112 emergency services reporting that one of the people involved in the confrontation had been stabbed in the side.

Responding to the calls Guardia Civil officers found a "great commotion with multiple people involved".

The victim was taken to the nearest health centre and, after an initial evaluation, was transferred to the Costa del Sol Hospital, where he was admitted in a serious condition and finally died from his injuries.

His body was transferred to the Malaga Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) where a test will be done to rule out that the victim was Covid-19 positive and then an autopsy will be performed.

Police identified the alleged attacker at the scene and, according to different sources, both he and the victim have numerous records on their police files.

It is unclear what the trigger was for the confrontation. According to the sources consulted by SUR, there were several gangs involved and there had been previous disputes.

The police have reinforced their surveillance in the area to prevent new outbreaks of violence.