Andalucía adds 1,187 new Covid-19 cases - the lowest daily figure in six weeks

The emergency department at Malaga's Hospital Clínico. File photograph.
The emergency department at Malaga's Hospital Clínico. File photograph. / SUR
  • However, Malaga has already exceeded the previous monthly record of coronavirus deaths in the province with 243 in just 15 days

In just 15 days there have been 243 coronavirus deaths in Malaga province, marking February as the month with the highest number of deaths during the health crisis. In a two-week period the 223 death toll for the whole of January, which was the month with the most deaths of the pandemic so far, has been exceeded.

The 38 coronavirus deaths registered by the Junta today (15 February) follow the 44 reported on Sunday and the five previous days which each saw more than a hundred deaths (120 on Saturday, 127 on Friday - the worst daily figure of the pandemic - 104 on Thursday, 114 on Wednesday and 126 on Tuesday. Cadiz is the province that adds most deaths with 13, followed by Seville with eight, Malaga with six, Almeria with five, Cordoba, Granada and Jaén with two each, and Huelva with none.

Andalucía has added 1,187 new cases of coronavirus this Monday and it is the lowest daily figure since the 1,074 on 4 January, according to official data published by the regional government. The cases are considerably down on the 2,090 reported on Sunday and the 2,902 from last Monday. Cadiz is the province that adds the most with 322, followed by Malaga with 312, Seville with 183, Almeria with 142, Cordoba with 100, Granada with 58, Jaén with 48 and Huelva with 22.

The cumulative incidence rate for the virus in Andalucía has dropped, this Monday, to 494.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, which is 18.2 points fewer than the 513 on Sunday. It is the first time the rate in the region has below 500 since Friday, 15 January.