Video | Mask rule flouter bites a mounted police officer in Marbella


The violent struggle that involved two officers who were patrolling on horseback.


  • In another incident in the Costa del Sol town two brothers were arrested for refusing to wear masks

A Local Police officer in Marbella, patrolling on horseback, has been injured after being involved in a violent scuffle with a man who refused to comply with the Covid pandemic regulations and wear a face mask in public.

The mounted police officer was on duty with a colleague in Avenida del Mediterráneo when they came across a man who was not wearing a mask. The police told him that he should wear one in public and asked him to identify himself.

But then a scuffle broke out and a woman who was in the area filmed the unfolding scene with her mobile phone.

"I think he does not want to put the mask on, he is saying that the pandemic is not true. I am filming because I am in favour of the police," says the woman.

During the struggle the officer was allegedly bitten, causing a tear on the inside of his lip.

Finally, the two police officers, with the help of a member of the public, managed to restrain the man who said he wanted his "freedom" and that he is “not a criminal, and that wearing the mask all day is bad.”

Brothers arrested

The second violent incident also took in Marbella when Local Police officers who were patrolling on a quad bike identified two brothers who were walking down the street without masks.

It happened in the Victor Beach area. Apparently, the officers warned them that they should use them on public roads to prevent the spread of Covid-19 but they did not react well to the advice.

The incident ended with a scuffle before the police officers arrested the brothers, who were charged with attacks on authority and resisting arrest.