Thirty motorhomes evicted for being illegally camped on the Costa del Sol

A view of the vacated area.
A view of the vacated area. / SUR
  • The police action was demanded by residents and businesses in the Los Álamos area of Torremolinos

Some thirty motorhomes and camper vans have been moved on from an unauthorised site in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol.

The town councillor responsible for security, Antonio Ruiz, together with the Local Police Chief Inspector, José Miguel Ávila, reported the eviction of some 30 vehicles that had camped in an area of Los Álamos, which it is claimed presented a health risk.

The councillor stressed that regulations must be complied with saying, "We respect the right of anyone to sleep in their motorhome but we cannot allow populated camps to be created in an irregular manner."

“It is a danger to health. The permitted areas must have proper facilities for the supply of water, among other things,” the councillor added.

The eviction action had been demanded by the residents and businesses in the area.

The Local Police intervention was of an informative nature and the people who were in the motorhomes, vans and even a trailer were not fined.

The town council has now started conversations with groups and private companies interested in providing spaces in the town that comply with the regulations and allow people to camp within the law.