Nine arrested as office linked to the mayor of Marbella's husband is searched

Lars Gunnar Broberg (r) with his wife, Ángeles Muñoz (l).
Lars Gunnar Broberg (r) with his wife, Ángeles Muñoz (l). / JOSELE (file photo)
  • Those detained included a former bodyguard of Ángeles Muñoz, who has distanced herself from the investigation and strongly defended her husband's honour

National Police have searched an office linked to Lars Gunnar Broberg - the husband of the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz - and have arrested nine people including a Local Police officer (who was once Muñoz's bodyguard) and several Swedish citizens.

SUR has learned that the police operation is linked to financial crimes, but confidentiality around the case has so far prevented full details emerging.

Sources also confirmed that the events were not related to either Marbella council or the activities of Ángeles Muñoz as mayor, beyond the fact that she is the wife of one of those being investigated.

The mayor also stressed this week that there was no link to her on a personal or professional level, saying: "Once reporting restrictions are lifted on the case, everything will be there in black and white, and I am also absolutely sure, on a personal level, of the honour and the entire professional career of my husband."

It is reported that Broberg received a call from the police early on Tuesday morning in which he was summoned to an office linked to him. The businessman, who is in his 70s, accompanied by a relative, found the police waiting for him.

When officers finished their search, in which they took some documents, Broberg was allowed home and was not taken to the police station for questioning.

The Swedish property developer has previously been involved in controversies related to his properties and business activities in Marbella and neighbouring Benahavís.