Marbella business group demands an immediate Covid-19 crisis rescue plan

Protesters on Tuesday in Marbella.
Protesters on Tuesday in Marbella. / JOSELE
  • The association of small businesses has taken to the streets with a cavalcade of vehicles to protest in the town centre

An association representing around 300 business owners in Marbella has taken to the streets again to demand an immediate rescue plan for the hardship they are suffering due to the Covid pandemic.

The group organised a motorised cavalcade through the town centre this Tuesday (9 February) and made sure that all coronavirus containment measures were complied with.

A statement read on behalf of the business association said, "The lack of common sense and dialogue of our leaders is leading us to ruin."

Spokespersons for the local business group in Marbella.

Spokespersons for the local business group in Marbella. / JOSELE

"Nothing seems to make sense these days anymore. On the one hand, the Junta de Andalucía closes our businesses - for many of us our only source of income”, they say, “But on the other hand, the central Government makes us pay taxes. For them the economy does not stop."

Business closures

"Meanwhile, our town council, continues to be oblivious to everything," they claim.

Spokesman, Pablo Ariel, called for "common sense" from the administrations to provide solutions to the difficult time that small businesses are going through in the town.

According to Nahuel Klappenbach, another spokesperson for the group, "At least one business closes every day."

"Half of the shops have already closed and the other half will see how things are when we arrive at summer," said Klappenbach. "We need an urgent rescue plan."