Foreign residents in Malaga province encouraged to get on the 'padrón'

Foreign residents in Malaga province encouraged to get on the 'padrón'
  • The provincial authority has launched its Level Up campaign to target the around 64,000 people who are not yet "enjoying Malaga 100%"

The Malaga provincial government (Diputación) is encouraging foreign residents to register on the 'padrón' in the municipalities where they live or spend a large part of the year as part of its 'Level Up. Register and enjoy Malaga 100%' campaign.

The campaign highlights some of the benefits of being registered on the municipal census: ease in processing municipal payments or permits; discounts on public services; access to educational and health services; the possibility of voting in local and European elections; as well the fact that having a greater number of registered residents also has an impact on the income of the local councils (and therefore the services it can offer).

According to the lastest data available (from 1 January 2020), the foreign population in Malaga was 333,045. Of these, 63,253 were not on the 'padrón'. It is these people that are being targeted by this multi-phase campaign.

Diputación chief Francisco Salado stressed it was "very important" to get on the padrón because it helps those who do so and their municipalities of residence to "go up a level". "If we don't know the real population of the province it's difficult for each public administration to plan and carry out the necessary public services effectively," he added.

In the first weeks since the launch, some 4,300 people have gone to the website to consult first-hand the advantages of being registered.