Woman trapped in Malaga riverbed by torrent of water from reservoir

Firefighters rescued the woman.
Firefighters rescued the woman. / SUR
  • She had been walking in the normally dry river near La Goleta bridge and had to be rescued by the emergency services

A woman had to be rescued by firefighters on Wednesday morning (3 February) after being trapped in the usually dry Guadalmedina riverbed in Malaga. It happened after the Limonero reservoir opened its flood gates and there was a sudden rush of water down the river.

The alarm was raised at around 10.15am, when the emergency services received several calls to say that a woman was trapped on a small islet in the middle of the Guadalmedina riverbed near La Goleta bridge.

Local and National Police, the ambulance service and the fire brigade were quickly on the scene and rescued the woman who wasn’t injured.

The Guadalmedina river is usually dry and is an area where many city dwellers exercise. However, every first Wednesday of the month, the Limonero reservoir opens its flood gates to check their operation and this is why, suddenly, there was a torrent of water that trapped the woman.