New Estepona hospital pressed into action to take in Covid patients

One of the rooms being prepared for the arrival of patients.
One of the rooms being prepared for the arrival of patients. / J.M. MARTÍN
  • The emergency use of the western Costa del Sol facility comes as the town is still waiting for a date for the opening of the hospital for normal health services

The recently completed Estepona hospital has opened its doors although, for now, it will only do so to receive patients referred from the Costa del Sol Hospital to ease the pressure from the pandemic on services there.

The first patients began to arrive at the 'High Resolution' hospital this Tuesday morning (2 February) by ambulance at around 10.30am.

According to sources from the health authority they are patients with Covid symptoms who are in a stable condition and who, therefore, do not need intensive or critical care.

Staff have also been transferred to the new hospital although it has not been revealed how many. On Tuesday they spent several hours preparing before the arrival of patients at the site.

The emergency commissioning of the facility does not mean the opening of the hospital to the public, for now.

Although the authorities have predicted repeatedly in recent weeks that the opening was "imminent" it still does not have a specific opening date.

The much-needed new hospital in the westernmost part of the province, has involved a significant investment by the Estepona town council which has spent a total of 16 million euros on its construction and preparation.